The Tax Room

India's first and only self-help course on filing income tax return without the help of a professional 

Course Outline

This course aims at encouraging salaried-individuals to file their own income tax return. This workshop assists in the following manner:

Give complete details about the provisions of the Income tax

Help salaried employees actively plan their taxes in advance.

Help salaried employees file their returns independently on time.

It is a tutorial for a quick filing of complete returns that can be completed over a weekend.

The course contains meticulously designed tax calculators to simplify complicated calculations to give you instant results.

It is a handy easy to grasp guide for all.


Why this Course?

Easy to understand: Includes practical demonstrations (as videos) of income tax return filing along with theoretical explanation of tax laws.

The course is designed to enable you filter out unnecessary provisions which do not hold benefits for you.

The only course in the history of mankind that aims to make “self- assessment tax” self-assessable.

Once you have read this course, you can help your entire family file their returns for the life time.

This course makes you completely independent removing your dependency on professionals for the life time.


Who should take this course?

This course is for any salaried individual who wishes to get rid of the long cumbersome process of filing returns every year. If you wish to independently file your and your own family’s Income Tax Returns without any outside help, then congratulations!! You have arrived at the right place. But this course holds NO value for you if you have income from business and professions.

The course is suitable for all age groups from 18 year onwards. The course can be easily understood by freshers, students, housewives, non-fluent English speakers, etc. It is a once in life time investment with benefits to reap for the entire life! So please don’t miss out on this golden opportunity…….


What Will You Get:

17+ Topics covered

Videos for every topic for better understanding of text

Text in English and Videos in Hindi

Tax calculators

Wide coverage of provisions

Videos of Live ITR filing