Super Funds

Expertly crafted Mutual Fund Portfolios

                                Starts at Rs 5000 Rs.3999/-

Why you should subscribe ?

Advise that your distributor gives, might be influenced by the commission he receives.

Whats good for your mutual fund distributor, might not be good for you?

Zero-commisson plans. Customized Advise. Handpicked by Experts

The best investment for you depends on your needs, goals, present & expected cashflows as well as your appetite for risk. When it comes to investment decisons, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution. This is where Finology comes in. Our tech enabled system and a team of experts select whats right for you. We design a balanced and strong portfolio for you, so that you money grows without hiccups.

 After you subscribe, we conduct a scientific risk profiling to help determine whats exactly right for you. Super funds does not recommend just any fund for your hard earned money, we have a combination of machine and human intelligence to help build your perfect mutual fund portfolio.


What do you get?

  • Personalized Mutual Fund Recommendations
  • Best Tax Saving Funds
  • Diversified Mutual Fund Portfolio
  • Prudent Asset Allocation
  • Direct Plans
  • Regular Performance Review
  • Risk Mitigation
  • What you don’t get?
  • No portfolio review
  • No insurance or stock recommendations
  • No personal consultation
  • Regular plans


What is unique about Finology Super funds ?

At Super Funds, we also consider factors that an ordinary advisor ignores while fund selection. We consider the following -

  • Minimizing Portfolio Overlap
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Balanced Exposure to Sectors
  • Combination of Qualtiative + Quantative Aspects before Fund Selection
  • Downside Protection
  • The final result is a mutual fund portfolio that is tailor made by our experts to fit your exact needs and goals. Happy Investing!


No commission, No bias Policy @ Finology

Finology does not get or accept a commission from a third party for suggesting you any stocks, Mutual Funds scheme, Insurance products etc. Our suggestion is totally based on No bias Policy.

                                    Starts at Rs 5000 Rs.3999/-