Your Personalized Investment plan created by experts


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Why should you Subscribe?

Wish to buy your dream house?

Saving for children’s education?

Worried about your Retirement Corpus?

Current investments not good enough?

If any of these questions trouble you, MasterPlan is just the right solution.

Masterplan gives you an expertly created & customized financial plan that suits your current and future financial requirements. It’s a 3 in 1 solution that gives you unbiased, commission free advise on Mutual funds, insurance and your existing investments. We have always believed that Finology stands for “Good for you Advise” and therefore, we don’t recommend any instruments, mutual funds, insurance etc out of prospective commission. We create a plan thats best for your wealth and there can be absolutely no compromises with your dream.


What do you get by opting for Master Plan with us?

Detailed risk profiling: Detailed risk profiling is done by our in-house expert team to minimize your risk of investment and maximize your profits.

Customized wealth planning: We plan your Mutual fund investment, health and life insurance advise by customizing them to your specific needs. We gauge your financial priorities and design a plan to help you achieve those priorities.

Tax planning: We make sure that all the basic elements of your master plan is designed in such a manner that they work together in the most tax-efficient manner.

Retirement planning: Retirement planning is done by us to ensure you gain total financial independence post-retirement. The profits generated and the savings created are allocated in such a way that you have enough money with you in your old age.

Life and Health Insurance suggestions: Our team of experts work constantly to bring to you the best life and health insurance plans.

Best Mutual Funds for you: Out of thousands of mutual fund schemes available, we select only the most suited scheme that matches your risk ability and your financial  goals. 


What is not included in our Master plan?

Dear guest, we believe in 100% transparency and value every penny given to us by you. We would like you to know clearly that our master plan does not include the following:

  • No stock recommendations
  • No derivatives, currency or commodity recommendation

No commission, No bias Policy @ Finology

Finology does not get or accept a commission from a third party for suggesting you any stocks, Mutual Funds scheme, Insurance products etc. Our suggestion is totally based on No bias Policy.

                                    Starts at Rs 10999Rs 9999/-