Expertly created Portfolio of Stocks

                                    Starts at Rs 13999Rs 12999/-

Why you should subscribe?

Do you rely on your friend for stocks tips? Or your distant uncle? The chances are that they are tipping you on the basis of market rumors. Your hard earned savings needs the care and expertise of Finology Ideabag. Not just any other advisory service, ideabag is carefully crafted to care for you.

Our team of experts spends more time in rejecting stocks that are even remotely unfit under our stiff DeepScan selection framework and only a select few stocks have receive the honor of becoming a part of Ideabag.

We don’t guarantee abnormal returns, but we assure you of unmatched research and deep analysis before any stock makes it to the portfolio.


What you will get?

  • Names of All the Stocks in Our Portfolio
  • Maximum Buying Price of All the Stocks
  • Brief Reasoning  Behind Recommending the Stock
  • Allocation Reference for Each Recommendation
  • Sell Alerts
  • Periodic Updates on Stocks
  • Investing E-Guide
  • Research Reports


What you won’t get?

  • No Personalized Advise
  • No Hot Tips for Intraday
  • No Mutual Fund Advise


No commission, No bias Policy @ Finology

Finology does not get or accept a commission from a third party for suggesting you any stocks, Mutual Funds scheme, Insurance products etc. Our suggestion is totally based on No bias Policy.

                                Starts at Rs 13999Rs 12999/-