BSE Certified Course on Value investing

Get certified by BSE Institute to pick quality stocks by learning the principles of fundamental research applied by legendary investors. 

Course Outline

A certification of practical relevance awaits your enrollment. Subscribers of this course will learn value investing through expertly crafted course syllabus that promises to deliver a robust learning experience with:

• Chapters for understanding all the basic finance terminologies specially designed for beginners

• Chapters for understanding and analyzing the annual report of a company

• Modules for learning to value a stock

• Lessons from experiences of experts

• Chapters on “how to choose a company” as well as “how not to choose a company”.

• Examples bursting myths prevailing in the stock market

• Sector wise analysis of the stock market

• All this and much more


Why this Course?

You should certainly opt for this certification course from BSE Institute if you wish to raise your personal as well as professional level by learning the art of value investing. With the help of this course you would be able to make strong investment decisions, through the understanding of theoretical, practical and real-world skills. The course helps to understand the powerful strategies applied by great investors like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet and others. The drafting of the course is done to make the reader understand what works and what doesn’t work so that they can avoid the nightmares and would be able to study how to make better investment choices. It is a 100% online course enabling you to access it anytime and anywhere and in any electronic device as per your convenience.


Who should take this course?

If you wish to get certified by BSE Institute by delving into the concepts of value investing, this course would be a perfect fit for you. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, this course material will help you discover a better version of yourself. This course is designed for you if - 

• You are a beginner and want to learn about investing in stock market

• You want to learn the skills of value investing

• You want to learn how to pick good stocks

• You want to build sustainable wealth


What Will You Get:

Certification by BSE Institute

 Online Exam via Webcam

 13 Modules covering 50+ Topics

 10+ Video Lectures

 50+ Text Lessons

 Stock Analysis Templates

 Special Reports