BSE Certified Course on Mutual Funds

Become a BSE Institute certified Mutual Funds expert 

Course Outline

Here’s a certification that will ensure that Mutual Funds do not confuse you anymore. In fact, the subscribers of this course will learn about Mutual Funds in a way that post completion you would be able to: 

• select the right scheme to suit your investment goal

• improve your return by investing directly without your advisor

• save taxes by investing in tax efficient fund

• helps you spot the top mutual funds for SIP

• construct a proper investment portfolio which will minimize your risk.


The course contains several hours of reading material, members only video and an end of the course assignment to help you sharpen your investment skills.


#1 Exclusive risk profiling tool

#2 Fund Selection Checklist


Why this Course?

You should certainly opt for this certification course from BSE Institute if you wish to raise your personal as well as professional level by learning about Mutual Funds in a robust way. People often look for the best mutual funds to invest. The basic problem is that a majority population doesn’t know how to invest in mutual funds. Hence, this course has been designed to help you achieve your mutual fund investment goals. The following points would throw more light on the same:

• If you wish to beat inflation and benefit from the compounding that mutual funds offer.

• To set your investment goal and select the best suited scheme which will help you to meet your objective at right time.

• To understand the structure of different types of mutual fund schemes available in India .

• To avoid paying out commission to your financial advisor by choosing the right scheme.

• To understand the tax applicability on gain from mutual funds and to evaluate schemes based on tax saving criteria.


Who should take this course?

If you wish to be a pro in Mutual Funds and get certified by BSE Institute, this course would be a perfect fit for you.

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, this course material will help you understand the world of Mutual Funds in the most simple way possible.


What Will You Get:

13+ Modules

 5+ Video Lectures

 15+ Text Chapters

 Certificate from BSE Institute

 Online Exams Via Webcams

 Finology Risk Profiling tool

 Finology Mutual Fund Selection Checklist